Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists can assist your child in reaching their maximum potential to function independently by encouraging active participation in their home, school, and community. They will engage your child in movement, motor development, strength and endurance activities. When working with infants, our physical therapists will teach them how to move within their environment by learning how to roll over, sit up, crawl, stand and walk. As children get older, our physical therapists continue to address all issues associated with mobility to help them run, jump and play. In addition, our physical therapists will also treat children after an injury or surgery, addressing their specific needs to help them through their rehabilitation journey. 

Physical therapy helps your child:

  • Reach developmental milestones  
  • Work on balance issues
  • Develop core strength
  • Improve head and neck control
  • Reduce and eliminate torticollis
  • Improve gross motor skills (running, jumping, walking upstairs) 
  • Keep up with their peers on the playground or at school 

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