Group Therapy

Therapeutic Groups

Group activities are important to every child’s development. By experiencing different types of play children practice different skills in a variety of ways. Group therapy goes beyond supporting your child’s individual sensory, motor and emotional needs to address moment-to-moment social interactions between children that occur in daily life. Through groups, we can promote self-regulation, shared engagement, reciprocity and emotional thinking – all of which are integral for your child’s success in the family, at school and in the community.

Our groups feature interactive opportunities for children to strengthen their social skills and experience an inclusive environment through play. These groups give your child an opportunity to practice social skills, emotional regulation, and flexibility in a familiar environment.

Small groups deepen learning and have enormous benefits for children. In a group setting your child will:

  • Learn social boundaries and how to read cues from peers
  • Take turns 
  • Improve attention and concentration 
  • Develop listening skills
  • Enhance motor planning skills
  • Learn to develop relationships
  • Be flexible and adapt in response to experiences
  • Engage in functional and intentional communication
  • Apply skills learned in their individual therapy to a larger, more unpredictable environment
  • Adopt new routines
  • Explore and express new ideas, with support from therapists

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