Changing children’s lives

Our mission is to change children’s lives by giving them a welcoming, fun, and energetic place of learning to foster their growth. We value each child as an individual and address their unique needs using the very best course of treatment.

Our difference

At Alphabet Soup, you become part of a family-orientated team that works together to set the bar high and help your child reach meaningful milestones.

Your child is like no other so their treatment needs to be as unique as they are to fully meet their needs. They’ll receive the highest standard of service, grounded in the latest research and best practice. We pride ourselves on staying up to date on the latest advances in our industry and adapt our practices accordingly.

You and your family will also have the opportunity to be part of a supportive community, where we unite families with similar experiences to yours so that you no longer feel alone, isolated or misunderstood.

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Our Team

Our innovative team uses a wide range of therapy strategies and techniques, working in a collaborative environment to provide the highest quality treatment. We make sure every session is inspiring and productive, creating a caring, positive and enthusiastic learning experience that your child can get excited about.

Jennifer Hoskins

Clinical Director & Owner

As the owner and founder of Alphabet Soup, Inc., Jennifer has over 20 years’ experience treating infants and children with significant speech language and feeding disorders. Driven by her mission to change children’s lives using the best therapy solutions possible to foster a child’s growth, Jennifer enjoys building meaningful relationships with children and their families and making a difference in their lives. It makes her day when a child who has not been able to put sounds together into meaningful words says “mama” for the first time, or when a child who refuses and gags on novel foods, is able to add a new food to their diet and learns to eat a family meal without a meltdown. She has dedicated her career to finding innovative ways to help children and their families thrive. Being a detective in this area is of utmost importance to Jennifer, in order to understand the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how we can help’ with their child’s speech or feeding challenges. Her expertise lies in oral motor speech, language, and feeding disorders. She has extensive experience diagnosing and treating oral motor disorders in children with a specialty in apraxia and feeding disorders.  

In her leisure time, Jennifer loves to spend time with her family and catch up with friends. Her interests include crafting, sewing and creating unique gifts for her nearest and dearest. She loves to relax with her husband by the ocean or lake, have friends over for dinner, and go shopping. Most weekends, you will find her at the softball field watching her daughter play, or on a ski lift as her son embarks on the journey of joining a ski team.

Alyssa Sciortino

(MS, CCC-SLP) Senior Speech Language Pathologist

Alyssa specializes in augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and assisting children on the autistic spectrum with communication and social behavior. She was first drawn to this specialty when working with an autistic girl who used a Go Talk 20 to verbally communicate her wants, needs, and thoughts. Witnessing the power of this communication inspired Alyssa to help children find their voice in whatever modality is right for them. She enjoys discovering new resources to help children with ASD process and access speech and language in a multitude of ways. Alyssa is most fulfilled when a child who used to be frustrated from communication breakdowns finds joy as they learn how to communicate with family and friends. Her experience includes working with children with muscle, genetic, neurological, feeding, and swallowing disorders, hearing loss, and developmental speech and language delays. 

With an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts, Alyssa spends much of her free time painting and has exhibited in Connecticut, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana and Florida. She also enjoys hiking and camping with her husband and beloved Morkie. As an ally of the LGBTQIA+ community, Alyssa is also co-founder of the non-profit group, Reading with Pride.

Ella Zeyl

Speech Language Pathologist

Ella loves helping and encouraging children with speech, language, or feeding needs to learn new things and overcome personal challenges. Her role is the perfect blend of being a teacher, healthcare worker, and speech language therapist. Working in partnership with families to improve the lives of their children in an outpatient setting, Ella provides the tools, resources and encouragement needed for children to feel safe and thrive. One of the most fulfilling parts to Ella’s work is when a child feels like they have developed their skills within the session enough to add another food to their list of ‘safe’ foods to eat at home. Easing the tensions around mealtimes at home positively impacts the whole family. Ella loves it when a child is able to turn their voice on and put together sounds in a sequence to make meaningful words.

In Ella’s free time, she enjoys cooking new recipes and going on hikes with her dogs. She’s also trying to get back into sewing clothing with her new machine. Other pastimes include dining out, window shopping in places like Mystic and East Greenwich, and listening to a good speech therapy podcast to further her learning.

Kristen Husband

(OTR-L) Senior Occupational Therapist

Kristen thoroughly enjoys working with children and making a difference in their lives. It’s Kristen’s job to make therapy exciting so the children are able to work hard and have fun at the same time. The best part of working in pediatrics is the collaboration that happens between a child, their family, 

and Kristen as the therapist. Nothing brings Kristen more joy than seeing the smile on a proud child or parent’s face as they reach new goals. With more than 20 years’ experience working in pediatrics in various settings, Kristen is skilled at supporting children with a variety of diagnoses and unique needs. No two children are the same, regardless of their diagnosis. Kristen enjoys tailoring each therapy session to meet her clients’ individual needs. 

Outside of work, Kristen spends much of her free time in the company of her friends and family, hanging out, traveling, going to sporting events and hiking. As an avid reader, Kristen also loves getting lost in a good book.